Southard Audio News

What’s New?

Smaller and Lighter is Appreciated, yet again!  A pair of Midas M32 Digital Mixing Consoles (January 2015)

Smaller and Lighter is Appreciated!  New Turbosound TMW-112 Coax Wedges (October 2014)

A major upgrade to our old steady, SW2 monitor wedges – B&C 15″ and a coat of Line-X (March 2014)

Another MIDAS, this time the PRO1 (Feb 2014)

Now we have DJ options.  Choose between RANE TTM62 or PIONEER DJM-900SRT MIXER (Nov 2013)

Smaller Line Array Towers for more intimate venues.  A pair of APPLIED LA12-18 (Oct 2013)

It’s all about video! Three InFOCUS 7500 lumen projectors, 16×9 DaLITE SCREENS (Sept 2013)

Increased our inventory of TURBOSOUND Flex Array and 2×18 Subwoofers (June 2013)

TURBOSOUND Aspect Wide TA-500 Loudspeakers Join Their Brethern Aspect TA-880 and Flex TFA-600W (April 2013)

Back with MIDAS Again, But This Time They’re Digital! – A PRO2 And A PRO2c With Digital Stage Boxes And Dante! (March 2013)

- A New 52,000lb International Truck

- Added Digital Snake Systems To AVID Consoles

- Another AVID Console! The SC48…

- Upgraded To Lab Gruppen PLM Series With Lake

- New TURBOSOUND 2×18 Subwoofers

- AVID Profile MixRack System

- New TURBOSOUND Flex Array Loudspeakers

- A Brand New And Much Improved Warehouse

- APPLIED LA12-25 Line Array Towers