Since every event – and every venue – is unique, we have selected our equipment and designed our systems to ensure that we are able to tailor to your specific needs.

Our Front-of-House inventory includes the state-of-the-art Turbosound TFA-600HW Flex Array line array or TA-880 Aspect point source loudspeaker cabinets, with Dolby Lake speaker processing, powered by Lab Gruppen PLM Series amplifiers.

In addition, we offer a QSC system, featuring WideLine-10 line array speakers, powered by either Lab Gruppen PLM or QSC PLD4.5 amplifiers.

For more intimate settings, we have a large inventory of self-powered Martin CDD-Live15 and Live12, as well as Turbosound TA-500 Aspect Wide loudspeakers powered by QSC PLD4.5 amplifiers.

All of our Front-of-House systems feature Turbosound TSW-218 or TFA-118, Martin CSX-118, or Electro-Voice QRx 218s subwoofers.

Our console options include various large format Avid VENUE and Midas PRO surfaces, as well as small format Midas M32 and QSC desks.

We have a full compliment of monitor options, including bi-amped Soundworks SW-2 wedges (a powerful B&C 15” speaker with 2” throat horn), Turbosound TMW-112 bi-amped coaxial 12″, or Electro-Voice ZX5-60B monitor wedges. Electro-Voice QRx 218s subwoofers and Turbosound TSW-721 subwoofers are available for drum monitors and side fills. Our monitor systems are all powered by QSC PowerLight and PLD4.5 amplifiers.

A large selection of Audix, Shure, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Electro-Voice, and Sennheiser microphones are in our inventory, as well as Radial, BSS and Whirlwind direct boxes. We utilize Whirlwind, Rapco, and CBI audio snakes and cabling.  Whirlwind and Motion Labs power distribution.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing used or new equipment, please visit our installation page or used gear page.