Used Equipment

(QUANTITY 6) Used Turbosound Aspect 880 Loudspeakers.  Sold as a package with a Turbosound LMS-D26 processor.  $8000.00

(QUANTITY 3) Used TURBOSOUND TSW-721 subwoofers.  1x 21″ driver per cabinet.  Good condition, perfect truck pack dimensions.  Some units may need replacement casters.  Asking $800 per, make an offer on quantities.

Used MIDAS VERONA-40.  Great condition. Dual internal PSU.  Asking $4000.00 USD, make an offer.

Used CREST LMx-40.  Great Condition.  Includes dual external PSU and cabling.  Roadcase.  Asking $2500.00 USD.  Make an offer.

Used ALLEN & HEATH GL3800-32 with two RPS11 PSU.  Great condition.  Includes roadcase.  Asking $1800, make an offer.

Used ALLEN & HEATH GL2800-24 with two RPS11 PSU.  Great condition.  Includes roadcase.  Asking $1000, make an offer.

(QUANTITY 4) Turbosound Aspect Wide TA500 Loudspeakers.  $6000 for the package.

(QUANTITY 5) Used BSS Minidrive 334(T) processors.  Asking $575 each, make an offer on multiples.

Used QSC SC28 System Processor.  2in 8out.  Great condition.  Asking $900, make an offer.

(QUANTITY 1) Used QSC Rave 522aa processor.  8in 8out Analog and Cobranet.  Pairs well with Basis or Stand Alone.  Asking $1500.

(QUANTITY 1) Used QSC Basis 922az processors. 8in 8out.  Great Condition.  Asking $1000 USD ea.   These mate well with QSC PL3 or other amplifiers with Dataport inputs and monitoring.  Analog and Cobranet inputs, Dataport and Cobranet outputs.