Southard Audio News

What’s New?

Continuing our Martin Audio partnership: a sizable WPS system with more SHX218 subs. A much larger-than-it-looks upgrade to our mid-sized events! (February 2020)

Swapped out Absen A7 for X5V. Larger panel dimensions AND more pixel density, but still outdoor rated. (August 2019)

And our brand new PA finally arrived. A Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Longbow system (WPL) with Martin SHX218 Subwoofers and iK42 Amplifiers. (January 2019)

Shure ULX-Digital Microphones are in and ready, as well as both an eight channel and a four channel Shure PSM1000 In-Ear Monitor system. (April and October 2018)

A slew of awesome new Martin Audio CDD-Live15, CDD-Live12, CDD-Live8 Powered Loudspeakers, and CSX-Live118 Subwoofers. All with Dante capability! (September 2017)

And new Applied L16-Mobile lifts to put the Martin Audio CDD-Live loudspeakers on. (September 2017)

Four VMB TL-A500 Lifts for our Line Arrays and LED Walls, 1100lbs at up to 23ft (2017)

LED Video Walls Appear! Absen A2 and A7 Options (2016)

Smaller and Lighter is Appreciated, yet again! A pair of Midas M32 Digital Mixing Consoles (January 2015)

Smaller and Lighter is Appreciated! New Turbosound TMW-112 Coax Wedges (October 2014)

A major upgrade to our old steady, SW2 monitor wedges – B&C 15″ and a coat of Line-X (March 2014)

Another MIDAS, this time the PRO1 (Feb 2014)

Now we have DJ options. Choose between RANE TTM62 or PIONEER DJM-900SRT MIXER (Nov 2013)

Smaller Line Array Towers for more intimate venues. A pair of APPLIED LA12-18 (Oct 2013)

It’s all about video! Three InFOCUS 7500 lumen projectors, 16×9 DaLITE SCREENS (Sept 2013)

Increased our inventory of TURBOSOUND Flex Array and 2×18 Subwoofers (June 2013)

TURBOSOUND Aspect Wide TA-500 Loudspeakers Join Their Brethern Aspect TA-880 and Flex TFA-600W (April 2013)

Back with MIDAS Again, But This Time They’re Digital! – A PRO2 And A PRO2c With Digital Stage Boxes And Dante! (March 2013)

– A New 52,000lb International Truck

– Added Digital Snake Systems To AVID Consoles

– Another AVID Console! The SC48…

– Upgraded To Lab Gruppen PLM Series With Lake

– New TURBOSOUND 2×18 Subwoofers

– AVID Profile MixRack System

– New TURBOSOUND Flex Array Loudspeakers

– A Brand New And Much Improved Warehouse

– APPLIED LA12-25 Line Array Towers