Concert & Festival Audio Production

The production staff is the most crucial aspect of any successful event.  Our staff is highly professional.  Friendly, flexible, experienced, and skilled personnel are the cornerstones of each event we produce.

Immense care and research is given to every piece of equipment we purchase, to ensure that any system we provide will meet the highest standards of sonic quality, artist acceptance, and reliability.  Components are packaged for quick setup and safe travel, and all equipment is meticulously maintained and serviced.

From our first phone conversation to the final encore, you will know that we take customer service seriously.  We listen, we ask, and we do our homework.  And on the day of the show, you can be confident that we will arrive on time, provide a competent and experienced crew, and be prepared to present the quality our clients have come to expect.

We know you still have to watch the budget, so we watch ours.  Our careful advance-work ensures that you aren’t paying for things that you do not need, while important details – which our critical to the smooth operation of an event – are covered.  And our location, outside of major metropolitan areas, drastically reduces our operating expenses and allows us to be surprisingly price competitive.