Concert & Festival Audio Production

Southard Audio began as a concert and festival sound reinforcement company, and we have earned a reputation for our care and professionalism.  We take pride in our ability to provide exceptional quality audio to the entire listening area.

Concert Production

Corporate Audio Production

We know that the audio needs to be transparent and the transitions need to be seamless.

Corporate Audio Production

Equipment Rentals

We maintain a large inventory of audio, lighting, video, backline, decor, and other items that could be useful for your event.

Equipment Rental

Installations & Retail Sales

Almost all modern businesses, civic organizations, government agencies, and houses of worship can benefit from some variety of audio reinforcement system.  From schools to nightclubs, churches to prisons, we have designed and installed systems for many applications.

Installations & Retail Sales

Total Production Services

Our company provides concert sound reinforcement, and we feel that by specializing in that single aspect of concert production we are able to provide better quality and service. We are also aware of the inconvenience – and sometimes additional cost – to a client needing to call many separate production companies to prepare for an event. For this reason, we have formed alliances with several like-minded companies which provide other aspects of concert production, including stages and tops, theatrical and stage lighting, musician back-line equipment, large screen video, pipe & drape, generators, rigging, event production management, and labor calls.  So with one call to us, we can prepare a competitive bid that includes almost any aspect of event production. You then sign one contract, and enjoy the benefits of putting all your production requirements in the hands of true specialists.

Concert & Decor Lighting

From a large concert deployment of top shelf intelligent lights, to a 120K par system, to theatrical instruments, to subtle LED décor lighting, we have access to design options to help make your event memorable, as well as to meet artist’s technical rider requests. We can assist with the details that can make a big difference in the design – different models of controller, styles of trussing, dimmers, hoists, lifts, hazers, backdrops, and more.


Video Production & IMAG

To meet the growing demand for video content at concerts and events, Southard Audio has added video production and display to our list of services.  From corporate boardrooms to concert arenas, we have an array of high powered HD projectors and screens to fit the requirements of your event.  Large screen graphics and Image Magnification add impact and intimacy to concerts and presentations by bringing audience members in even the furthest seats closer to the performance.

Video Production

Staging & Tents

One of the largest piece of the puzzle for any event is finding the perfect stage. For three decades, we have built a relationship with several of the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier stage and tenting companies and can help you pick the right stage and tents for your event. With stages, as with many other aspects of event production, the little details can make a big difference. We can help you arrange for everything from large trailer stages for festivals to tents and chairs for a company picnic.


Backline Rental

Occasionally, usually due to their travel schedule, a touring artist will require that the event promoter provide band instruments and amplifiers, also known as backline equipment. We have a selection of drum kits, guitar and bass amplifiers, keyboards, percussion instruments, DJ equipment, and other items you may require to meet the tour’s contract requirements.

Multi-Track &
Post Production

Professional Stage Hands & Labor Crew

While a top notch technical crew can help to make the event a perfect experience, they rely heavily on quality stage hands and labor crews to assist in the setup, and stage changes-overs that keep the event moving as efficiently and on-schedule as possible. Though we will often work with a locally provided labor crew, some events require the expertise and capabilities of professional stage hands and loaders. We can assist in providing these important people for your event.